I have two two-part questions: First, what is your favorite part of recording an album? Least favorite part? Second, what is your favorite part of touring? Least favorite part?

Ryanhood responded on 11/19/2011

Favorite part of recording an album is getting to listen to the playback a song you wrote and experience it the way an audience member gets to... getting to step outside of the song and listen to it instead of performing it. Least favorite part is when you reach the finish line with a song that you failed to get right, often due to time or money constraints, or perhaps you didn't spend enough time working out the kinks in the arrangement, and so you're stuck with a permanent version of something that's not quite there. Favorite part of touring is seeing people smiling, genuinely happy to see us in their town, and excited to hear us play our songs. That's quite a wonderful gift to receive. Least favorite part is getting overly concerned with what others think of us, paying too much attention to their reactions and straying away from just being ourselves and making art that we enjoy.

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