Hi Guys!
I recently moved here from NJ. There I was involved on the Board of the Folk Project. I have been getting involved out here with TKMA and more. I recently told my friend Mark Schaffer about how awesome you are. He just let me know that he booked you to play at the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway in NJ in the Spring. Way to go!

Are you performing around Tucson anytime soon? Would love to actually catch you live and meet you.
Best and be well,
Andrew Hines

Ryanhood responded on 11/30/2016

Hey Andrew. Small world! We're looking forward to Acoustic Getaway.

We'll likely do some event to celebrate the release of our new album, which will come out in late jan/early feb. But nothing is set for that yet.

We'll be playing a small out of the way gig at the Arizona Senior Academy on Tues Jan 3 at 11:30am.
https://www.asa-tucson.org/ It's waaaaay out southeast.

Then of course there's the Tucson Folk Fest, but that's a ways off. Anyhow, if you're on our email list, you'll find out about any CD release event we do.

Welcome to Tucson and thanks for the email!

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